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Program Overview

Welcome to the CESQIP Aggregate Data Use Portal. CESQIP participants are invited to submit data use proposals to query the aggregate data in one of CESQIP’s 6 organ specific modules. We have two different mechanisms for aggregate data use: 1) Individual research projects, and 2) Collaborative Project Modules. The individual research proposals utilize the existing variables in any of the organ specific modules, and may involve one or more CESQIP sites. Collaborative Project Modules must involve at least three CESQIP sites and propose new variable(s) specific to the project. The American Association of Endocrine Surgeons CESQIP Committee, which oversees the aggregate data analysis program, has worked diligently to create a fair, transparent and consistent process for CESQIP data analysis. At present, the CESQIP aggregate data use program is open to CESQIP participants in good standing; proposals from non-CESQIP investigators will not be accepted. However, non-CESQIP investigators or sites may participate in Collaborative Project Modules. Please refer to the Program Guides for detailed instructions on how to submit a data use proposal.